If you have survived a loved one whose passing was a result of wrongdoing or negligence on someone else’s part, chances are you would wish reparations from this person. Our wrongful death attorneys can help you achieve the absolute maximum on that front, hopefully as a means of providing relief during this trying time.

Fatal accidents can be devastating to survivors, and while no amount of financial compensation can make up for a loved one’s death, it can provide the kind of stability you need while recovering from the loss. Acting quickly is vital, however.

Timing Is Important

The negligent individual would most likely be represented by an insurance company, which would try its level best to discredit any claims leveled against the former. Hiring an accomplished lawyer is significant to ensuring you are able to win your case, and that the wrongdoer is not able to walk with impunity. Your lawyer would attempt to prove beyond doubt their culpability in the event which caused your suffering, which is a task most grievers find impossible to handle on their own.

The Complexities Involved

A wrongful death happens when someone loses their life due to a neglectful act by another person. The victim, or the “decedent”, often leaves behind dependents or family who hire a lawyer to represent them at court, with the latter’s work involves sorting out several complexities. If, for instance, the decadent is not survived by a spouse, then the claim should be filed by the children of the decedent. If no children are living, then it is the decedent’s parents’ right to file a lawsuit. If none of the above have survived the decedent, then it falls to the latter’s estate to litigate in representation of next of kin.

Compensation which can be achieved through proper litigation includes those covering several different damages. Based on what the court decides the plaintiff is owed, the plaintiff may be awarded damages for one or more of the following.

  • Loss of retirement income
  • Loss of earnings
  • Loss of relationship: This could be for a spouse, child, or parent.
  • Loss of future wages
  • Expenses for funeral and medical Costs
  • Pain and suffering incurred by the estate
  • Loss of savings
  • Pain and suffering incurred by the decedent before their passing

Our attorneys have long experience fighting for the legal privileges of survivors of wrongful deaths. Get in touch with us and avail a free evaluation of your case. We can assist by laying out your options for legal action.

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