Basics about Rewiring a House

Rewiring or removing old wires and installing new ones is necessary for a home, not only because it increases safety, but also to increase the efficiency of several home appliances. Since many of the modern appliances need more powerful cables and wires to provide the required power, rewiring is becoming mandatory in many houses. Therefore, if you are living in an old house, it is better to grab a contractor as soon as possible to rewire the house for better utilization of the modern gadgets. Even though rewiring seems simple, it is a complicated process that can only be done by an expert. The following are the basic steps involved in updating the wiring of a house.

Formulating a Plan

As discussed above, rewiring is a complicated activity. The contractor needs to analyze the blueprint of the house to identify the existing wiring structure and to evaluate its efficiency. It may also involve formulating a new circuit diagram to install the new wiring to the house. Identification and procurement of required equipment and wires that are necessary to complete the procedure is also a part of the planning process. One of the most important things that must be followed while planning to rewire the house is to plan the wiring not only for the present need but also to satisfy future requirements.

Removal of Old Wires

Removing the wires which are already affixed inside walls of the house is one of the most difficult tasks in rewiring. Even though the circuit path can be identified with a blueprint of the house, the old wires cannot be simply pulled out of the wall because it may be affixed inside the wall. The only way to remove those wires is by creating small channels throughout the wall and removing the same through those channels. Another method followed by the electricians is to leave those old wires within the wall to reduce the expense of repairing the house after rewiring.

Installing New Wires

Installing new wires in place of old wires is the main procedure in rewiring. Normally new wires will be installed into the channels that would be created for removing old wires. Adding new wires to the wall is the least expensive method to rewire a house but it is not recommended due to its lack of safety and also it decreases the aesthetic beauty of the house. One of the modern methods followed in installing new wire is by drilling holes in some focus points and pushing the wires through those holes.

It is mandatory to understand that this article is just for knowledge purposes. Wiring a house is an activity that requires an expert attention. Attempting to rewire the house on your own may lead to several dangerous situations. Therefore, it always better to seek help of the best electricians for such activities.

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