Benefits Of Covering The Face As A Coronavirus Countermeasure

Coronavirus is virtually everywhere. Most of us are waking up to the news of a new case of COVID-19 or something related to the virus behind the disease. Since the start of its outbreak, health organizations have been saying that using masks is unnecessary for the common public. Health professionals are the most exposed to the possibility of infection, so they should wear coronavirus surgical masks or N95 respirators. However, there are scientific causes for commoners also wearing a mask as a countermeasure against coronavirus.

How Does A Preventive Mask Work?

For coronavirus infection to happen, the virus has to get into mucous membranes situated in the throat, eyes, and the nose. If stopping the virus from entering the aforesaid organs and the throat is possible, then the wearer would not be infected with it.

This is why one has to cover the mouth and nose. The mask will make the wearer conscious of not touching the two aforementioned organs. A non-medical face mask may not defend against droplets from the virus-affected individual’s sneeze or cough. However, if you keep a good social distance, it might help.

It Works And Is A Barrier Against Coronavirus

A mask protects the wearer from microorganisms and stops the spreading of disease. This is proven in the epidemic of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, other outbreaks, and the occupational safety field.

Masks are routinely used in Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, which all have been effective at controlling coronavirus without enforcing a societal lockdown. Coronavirus is believed to have come from Hubei, China, in 2019. In spite of where it has supposedly originated, the two aforesaid nations and Hong Kong had no more than 1,000 coronavirus cases.

Their success is attributed to quick detection of coronavirus, prompt use of lessons from the SARS epidemic, plus broad testing and stringent isolation of positive cases.

So what should be implemented elsewhere? Cover the face, for starters. Besides, every person who heads outdoors has to wear coronavirus masks. Affordable masks are there on web stores, including Alternatively, other face coverings could just work in an effective way. A mask should cover one’s nose and mouth and has to be taken off by not touching its outside surface, plus it should not be worn for too long.

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