Do I Need To Have A Separate Will In Israel?

Do you possess a property or other assets in Israel, or have money in an Israeli bank account? If yes, we would recommend forming a separate will to be in line with probate law in Israel. If you plan to have your assets passed to your legal heirs as fast and efficiently as possible, have the document for the property you own here for these reasons.

  1. Usually, overseas wills are complex, with tax planning-related structures that have a purpose back in your native country but may be ineffective in Israel. Consequently, getting a simple will’s official copy that covers only Israeli property can be simpler and quicker. Death is an event that cannot be taxed in this nation, and it does not have an estate tax or inheritance tax.
  2. The Israeli probate registry may have the authority to accept English documents, but it may not do it for a complex and long will.
  3. The court in Israel would not appoint an executor if they are from another nation. If that applies to you, then you might want to make a local executor available for your property here.

While Israel’s legislation does not necessitate appointing an executor, it is perhaps advisable if all your beneficiaries are non-residents, or you want to get a non-relative or professional handling your estate. If you want this to happen, then contact a probate lawyer in Israel who can help you to create and file a petition to appoint a local executor. The property would devolve if the heir dies, so having no executor means the heirs would apply for an Israeli probate order to get the assets transferred accordingly.

  1. The law requires an original Israeli will for probate. If that will is not present, the law requires making a particular application to allow for the submission of a copy.
  2. It is a must to possess a will that identifies its creator by the passport number or another number they used to register as the property owner. This is because identification in the nation is not by one’s name but by number.

Do you plan on taking up the official status of being an Israeli citizen anytime soon? If yes, we would recommend registering every asset again with its Israeli ID number, and ensuring that the will refers to the number.

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