How Property Fire Occurs and Who Can Be Held Liable for it

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Wrongful Death Laws

Losing a loved one due to any circumstance is a difficult thing to face. Investigating the details of what or who may have actually contributed to the deadly fire in California can be even more stressful and emotional. Therefore, you have to consult with an experienced attorney if you are thinking about filing a wrongful death claim following a fire. An attorney is an objective third party who can help determine who is legally responsible for your loss.

Some Reasons Why Fire Can Become Deadly

  • Malfunction of Heating Equipment: Gas leaks can go simply unnoticed for days, resulting in an explosive gas buildup in the area. Besides, boiler rooms that deteriorate can blow if they are not serviced properly.
  • Electrical Malfunction: Faulty or old wiring can trigger a potentially deadly fire in a matter of moments. Electrical circuits that are poorly maintained can contribute to fire caused by the malfunctions too.
  • Unattended Fires: Unattended candles, for instance, can cause it in an instant. The flames of the candle can lap against your curtains, growing quickly into an inferno, and possibly leading to severe injury or demise. Any unattended fire, even a smoldering cigarette for that matter, can be potentially dangerous. It is essential to be conscious of your surroundings all the time and never leave flames unattended.

Parties Who May Be Legally Responsible for Wrongful Death Claim

  • Product Manufacturer:Businesses that make unsafe appliances as well as other products can be legally responsible in the claim. There are wrongful death lawyers who research technologies as well as reports in order to determine whether a product maker can be held liable.
  • Property Owner: Obviously, a property owner is responsible for making sure that there are fire extinguishers as well as smoke detectors in a working condition. Plus, the owner of a private or business property has to monitor fire safety codes, maintain its alarm systems, and install adequate signage for warning visitors of the risks of fire. If he or she fails to do so, and a fatal domestic fire results, the owner of the property may be liable.
  • Contractor: The law of California regulates construction standards. Therefore, if the infrastructure is maintained poorly – or poor architectural design – is to blame for accident that results in an injury or wrongful fatal death, the builder in question may be held legally responsible.

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