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The ecommerce segment is growing quickly year over year. However, that does not mean your business is also growing at the pace you would like it to. Most businesses including major e commerce companies are hell-bent on growing their revenues faster.

One of the effective tools for your ecommerce business to achieve this purpose is good web design. Every aspect of that business, from its logo to its website’s usability and appearance, to your brochures, has to be smartly designed for maximizing the user experience. On the other hand, a poor design could just lead to the downfall of your business.

Optimize Your Site Load Speeds

If your visitors encounter very slow load speeds and inept design, they are bound to go away from your website. Many online users judge the credibility of a business based only on how its website looks. By the time it takes 4 seconds to load up fully, you will most likely lose many of your potential customers. Several first-time ecommerce companies do not invest enough talent and money into their site development to overcome that barrier.

If your website hosts large photos and graphics, it will take longer to load up than a cleanly designed and sleek one with minimal graphics. This is not to say you should eliminate graphic elements and photos from your ecommerce site design, but use those elements for the most impact and much quicker load speeds. To make your site perform optimally, use photos of right file sizes and with good quality.

Target Customers with Remarketing Advertisements and Email Campaigns

Marketing to your existing audience is more cost-effective than acquiring newer customers. If you wish to grow your business quickly, then focus some of those marketing efforts on getting repeat sales from the customers you presently have. Email marketing and remarketing ads are two great approaches to engage with them.

An appealing ad design influenced by your visual branding will help keep your ecommerce business fresh in the minds of your customers. Pair that compelling ad design with an offer of value, and your repeat customers will come in large numbers to your website to take advantage of it.

You may also wish to think about reaching out to your previous customers with email marketing. Email is a very effective tool to contact customers, particularly those web-savvy and smartphone-toting online shoppers.

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