Improve Your Cell Signal Without Spending A Euro Cent

A simple look down the street and you will see a vast majority of them walking or simply sitting around with a sleek cell phone in their hands. Cell phones have become an integral part of our society and going about a day without one in your hand, feels like you are missing something very important.

We are just in the first lap of the digital age, and one of the issues that seem to plague us is poor reception. It can happen to anyone and anywhere, and to any cell phone or network provider. No one is immune to it. The minute the cell signal reception drops, you will notice an immediate difference in the clarity of calls that you make. The calls are not audible or will flat-out drop in the middle of your conversation. The network speeds are also severely affected as a result of weak reception or low cell signal strength.

We will be going through a few tips and tricks you can implement right now to boost your signal strength, that too for free! Read on…

Turn Your Phone’s Airplane Mode On/Off

Sometimes your phone in a bid to save battery life will restrict it from searching for new cell towers in the vicinity and connecting to them. The issue this causes is that there may be a cell tower that is transmitting a strong cell signal when compared to the weak reception given off by your present cell tower. To forcibly switch, you can simply turn your phone off and restart, or you may toggle the airplane mode. Doing so will cause the cell phone to start searching for a connection, freshly.

Make Sure That Your Phone’s Software Is Updated

This is a common mistake many do. Modern smartphones are a union between software and hardware. This means that if your software isn’t properly optimised, it will severely affect the network, call, and other functionalities of your phone. Before you start off fixing your reception, make sure to head over to setting and update your phone’s software.

As they say, nothing good in life comes free and this stands true for cell reception as well. If you are looking for a long-term solution to end all your reception problems, then it is best that you get yourself an LTE booster. An LTE signal booster will boost your cell signal and make sure that you don’t get frustrated over a dropped call ever again!

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