Why you Should Purchase a Moissanite Gemstone Engagement Ring

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Do you know that there are alternative gemstones that resemble diamonds? Moissanite is one such alternative that looks similar to a diamond. Many are satisfied with moissanite engagement rings mainly owing to the following factors.

It Costs Much Less than a Diamond

Diamonds are expensive. Because the average customer does not spend more than $6,000 on a diamond ring, they feel these stones are overpriced. However, that is not true, these are just expensive. Diamonds sell because of some smart advertising from jewelers, which bill them as tokens of love, and word of mouth. Read some Beverly Diamond reviews, and you will realize that these rocks have a strong presence among customers despite the price.

However, you will be able to buy a moissanite ring for a cheaper price than what a diamond costs you. This is perfect for those who cannot afford a diamond and others looking to invest that extra money in a wedding or new house.

It is Hard Enough to Last

Moissanite has a rating of 9.25 on the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness. So it is a hard substance and suitable for daily wear as a ring. Moissanite is sufficiently strong to withstand daily wear-and-tear, and it likely will not scratch or chip easily. When you purchase it, you can be sure that it will remain unharmed and clear for years to come.

It Sparkles more Compared to Diamonds

The low price is not the only benefit of buying a moissanite ring. Several moissanite reviews claim that this gemstone shines more than diamonds do. The brilliance of a gemstone is being used to describe the way it reflects the light. The more amount of light a stone reflects, the more it is going to sparkle. Moissanite’s refractive index is slightly higher than diamond’s; a high index will result in much more sparkle.

You Have Many Design Options to Choose From

Choosing all the right details is one of the main hurdles you will need to overcome when picking the perfect engagement ring. With moissanite, you have so many options to pick from, including metal, shape and setting.

All your options might just seem slightly overwhelming, but you should choose the right piece matching with your fiancé’s ring. That is why having just as many choices with moissanite is a good thing.

This gemstone can be cut to the same shapes that a diamond can be, including round, cushion and princess. You can choose your preferred metal and moissanite setting to make sure that your intended has a ring, which matches her personality.

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