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Shower base design is a feature that has evolved much in recent times. The structure is also known as a shower tray or a shower pan. It is used as a barrier that stands between the shower and the remaining bathroom floor. Shower bases have transformed along with other bathroom design features. Below is a discussion that will help you learn more about the changes that appeared in the shower bases across the years.

Design and Material

The transformation of shower bases would be incomplete without the numerous materials used in their construction. Fiberglass and acrylic are two of the latest options which are also very expensive. These are easy to install and remain a favorite in traditional settings. Modern bathroom design concentrates on providing a luxurious experience. As a result, stone or tile shower bases have gained popularity. Tiles offer an attractive appearance by matching its texture with the remaining part of the bathroom. It has become a popular feature in today’s bathrooms.

Tub-to-Shower Conversions

The dwindling popularity of the traditional shower-tub combination is one of the best indicators of the changes in shower bases across the years. Earlier, realtors used to warn house owners that they could give away their property if they did not have at least one bathtub in their homes. However, today’s market is dominated by free-standing, space-saving showers. A large number of people are transforming their bathtubs into enclosed showers. A few still stick to the bathtubs for added comfort it provides.

Water-Proofed Bases

Waterproof shower base pans used to be made out of copper liners or rubber in the traditional method. They used to protect the subfloor from excess moisture. Earlier it was assumed that grout and tile were waterproof. However, this is not a true assumption. A separate waterproofing membrane is necessary for protection. Today, materials like foam shower bases, liquid membranes, and sheet membranes are most commonly used for insulation and moisture proofing.

Curb-Less Shower Bases

Losing the curbs beside showers became a popular trend. This was initially used in Europe where smaller bathrooms were in use which made the base curbs being considered as a tripping hazard. Curb-less showers have become a popular trend due to its sleek design. They have also led to the addition of linear drains into shower pan designs. These have an added benefit that they are easy to clean.

It is important to stay updated to the latest trends in bathroom design. This will help you to maintain the value of your asset at its highest possible level. Click to learn more about shower base designs.

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