Yehuda Oratz On Streamlining Law Practice for the Digital Age

Communication technologies are emerging and are changing business operations everywhere. Software companies are developing new doors for the legal system. With the aid of these new technological advances, lawyers can collaborate and communicate faster and build better experiences for their clients. Law firms can use these communication tools to manage lean operations and maintain more cost-effective businesses. Thus so many law firms are coming to terms with these modern tools to enhance their communication channels.
Below are some benefits of using new technology

Streamlined Lawyer/Client Communication
A significant part of a lawyer’s day is mostly spent talking to clients. Before the existence of new technologies like texting, video conferencing, and email, lawyers were mainly dependent on phones for long-distance communication. Lawyers had to travel to their clients for more personal consultations. Today, the advancement of technology has made it easier and faster for them to assist their clients without compromising on quality. According to an American Bar Association survey, it was estimated that 77% of lawyers work daily from home. The advancement in mobile technology had made it easier for lawyers to interact with their clients without necessarily traveling.
Today, lawyers are making use of emails, mobile application, and texting to find new prospects faster hence cutting down on their travelling and prospecting expenses and yet find good and quality clients.

Better In-house Collaboration
Major law firms are using new technologies to enhance interdepartmental cooperation. To organize a meeting across offices or locations can be challenging. Law firms had to spend a lot of time documenting information during sessions and other kinds of interaction. Yehuda Oratz builds software platforms that can enable lawyers to communicate efficiently through secure servers.

Efficient Case Management
Communication technology has made case management more effortless. Lawyers now don’t have to record schedules, court dates or billing information manually. They can easily use tools to automate these case management tasks. It is alleviating the need for extra human assistance. Law firms used to have some people who are dedicated to documentation and filing. These processes were consuming a lot of time and were vulnerable to human errors. Misplaces documents could be a big problem. As a software developer, he builds platforms that are efficient in sharing, discussing, and maintaining records. Hence there won’t be loss of physical folders, photocopying reams of papers, or even spending a lot of time trying to organize things. This way, lawyers can easily share and track case information with a few clicks.
Managing a law practice involves many necessary activities that do not directly generate revenue. Case management, financial reporting, workflow, billing, and time management are all essential pieces of law firm infrastructure, yet they are not billable activities. Yehuda Oratz builds custom software platforms that improve productivity so that law firms can focus on generating revenue through the practice of law. As a software developer, he works diligently to understand client operations and scale of business and then create a digital platform to streamline law firms’ administrative procedures.

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