What Can I Claim In A Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

Wrongful Death Claim
Wrongful Death Claim

If you are planning to file a wrongful death claim, it is important for you to be aware of various factors that can affect the claim amount. You have the right to get compensation for the damages you experienced because of the death of your loved one. Hence, when filing a claim, you have to include all the damages you endured for getting the maximum amount.

As a common man, you may not be aware of all the things you can claim when filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Hence, it is better to consult a wrongful death attorney who will have good experience handling wrongful death cases. He can help you to get the maximum compensation for all the damages you have suffered because of the death of your loved ones.

There are different factors you can claim when submitting a wrongful death lawsuit. Some of them are listed below:

Medical Expenses

If the victim had suffered injuries and was hospitalized before the death, then you can claim the medical expenses that you paid for treating the victim. This is a direct amount that you can add to the claim, as you will be able to submit the medical bills as proof. The claim amount you get will be decided based on the seriousness of the injuries and the amount you had to spend.

Pain And Suffering

If the victim had suffered from severe injuries, then he might have undergone pain and suffering. The court will decide an amount based on the severity of the injuries that the victim had to endure. There are no specific rules that can be used for calculating the compensation for the pain and suffering, as it is not a quantifiable factor.

Funeral Expenses

This is another expense that you can add to the death claim. Your wrongful death attorney will help to add funeral costs and other associated expenses to the death claim.

Claims For Dependents

If you were dependent on the deceased person for a living, then you will be able to add this factor to your claim. The immediate relatives of the deceased person will be able to make this claim.

Loss Of Love

You can also claim for the loss of love that you had to experience because of the death of the victim. But this will be usually a small amount.

There are different factors you can include when filing a wrongful death claim. You can contact a wrongful death attorney for knowing which all factors you can include in your claim for getting maximum compensation.

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