Wrongful Death Law in California

Wrongful Death
Wrongful Death Laws

When it comes to the perspective of a wrongful death attorney, no other areas of law is difficult to handle like handling a wrongful death as there is a lot of emotional involvement while handling it. The claims in such cases often put a huge emotional toll on the family and the attorney.

The compensation for a wrongful death includes the compensation for the loss of the society, comfort and care, economic and financial losses, medical and funeral expenses in connection with the wrongful death.

Types of Wrongful Death Cases

Wrongful deaths can come about in a car or auto accident, bicycle or truck accident, motorcycle or pedestrian accident, or any other types of vehicle accidents that include 18-wheelrs, buses, trailer trucks, delivery trucks, casino buses, school vans etc.

Wrongful deaths can also take place through construction accidents and through situations including falls, premises liability accidents, animal attacks etc. This also occurs from the use of defective products, from parking structure accidents, contaminated food or drugs, building collapses, boat drowning, airplane disasters etc.

Choosing a Wrongful Death Attorney

While going through the trauma, it is always better to choose an attorney who takes reduced contingency fee on wrongful death cases.  Most of the lawyers handle cases on a contingency fee basis of one third percent from the very first moment until the time when the case settles. The fees of a wrongful death attorney then rises to 40 percentage from the moment the case is been filed and or when the case goes for trial.  Some attorneys charge 40% from the very first day even if they attain settlement soon.

However, there are attorneys who offer reduced contingency fee for all wrongful death claims and cases. Still, they advance all the costs associated with your case and repay you for the costs of obtaining hospital records or the cost filing the case in court only if they obtain a settlement through mediation or trial or arbitration.

Under such reduced contingency fee, the initial fee of the attorney might be 25% up to the time they either have to file the lawsuit or proceed with the mediation. 

If these two processes have not to be done, their contingency fee might rise to one third instead of the 40% many other attorneys might charge you. You would be charged a contingency fee of 40% only if it becomes necessary to go the trail.

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