Yehuda Oratz: Law’s Clients Drive Firms

Without clients, there is no market for law practices; thus, catering the digital infrastructure of law practices to clients gives way to a sustainable law firm via satisfied clients. With a secure, cloud-based communication platform, clients can have round-the-clock access to documents. Additionally, law firms can integrate tools that organize client queries by topic and file them to specific cases and/or direct the questions to specific attorneys, saving the firm organizational time and saving the client money. In order to remain client-centric, Yehuda Oratz Software Development highly recommends that law firms work with software developers to create customized digital platforms to streamline the firm’s administrative operations and to create secure communication with clients.

Yehuda Oratz Software Development is an accomplished Data Architect/Developer with 20 years’ experience in full life cycle software development (SDLC) including business requirements and analysis, architecture & design, development, testing, deployment and support. They have particular involvement in developing business management software for law firms.

The digital evolution has affected many areas of activity, and the legal industry is no exception. The popularity of mobile devices is growing rapidly and has already exceeded the number of desktop computers, so it is almost impossible to find someone who does not use software. Recent studies show that mobile phones account for 50% of global traffic, while last year they increased by 30%, while desktop computers account for 45%, with a decrease of 20%.

Therefore, as a required product, software developers offer these devices a large number of useful applications designed to solve a wide range of problems. In other words, mobile applications can be used in any industry; it’s just about finding the right approach.

At first glance, creating the perfect software for your office seems unnecessary. Let’s look at this from another angle. Not only is software a way to improve customer service, but it is also a solution with strong marketing potential.

Yehuda Oratz Software Development notes that there are thousands of world renowned companies in various industries that are already using software as a way to build loyalty, brand or offer the latest services to their customers.

According to statistics, more than 76% of adult are Internet users in the United States are looking for a lawyer who uses Internet resources, and 36% of them use smartphones or tablets. Research shows that users prefer mobile apps over mobile-friendly websites.

We find that 80% of their time is spent on mobile applications and only 20% on Internet searches. In addition, the average time a user spends on applications increases each year, instead of decreasing navigation.

As mentioned above, the basis for successful legal enforcement is a thoughtful approach to customers, including the functions and information they want to access.

In this way, many branded applications allow their customers to receive updates on their business directly in the application so that their customers do not drown in the ocean of email. In addition, iOS / Android developers can configure push notifications when notified urgently.

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